We are currently running in a beta stage of our development. If you experience an issue, please contact support in our discord server.
Join Us

1. Account basics

You need a FaceIt account that meets our requirements to play in ECL!

Pay attention to the hour requirements. Smurfs and new accounts are not allowed!

Your region must be set to "EU".

2. Anti-Cheat

You must also download and install the FaceIt anti-cheat and activate it in ECL games.

3. Subscription

You need an active subscription in order to enter the queue. Choose your plan here.

4. Division system

Go to the ECL organizer page , scroll down and join the division matching your Faceit level. Your subscription is valid for all ECL hubs.

5. Verify your Account

Once you joined your division, you have to verify your account in your profile page.

Our bot will not verify accounts with low hours or faceit games, to ensure you don't play with smurfs or suspicious accounts

6. ECL Discord

Discord is the place for support requests, prizes, and announcements.Every player is required to join. Click here to join our discord

Read the #information channel.

7. Authentication and Voice Channels

Link your faceit account to you discord account by following the steps in the #authentication channel.

All players must be present on Discord while playing. Join the "switch me" channel, and the bot will automatically move you to the correct channel.

8. Play

Hit the PLAY button on the top right of your division.

By pressing PLAY you confirm that you have read and understood our rules.