We are currently running in a beta stage of our development. If you experience an issue, please contact support in our discord server.

1. General

All global FACEIT rules will be applied within European Community League (ECL).

1.1 Administration

Staff members always have the last word. If no answer can be found in the regulation, some decisions can be made when a problem arises.

In extreme cases, staff members can also make a decision that goes against the regulation, in order to preserve the fairness and fair play of the competition.

Every player acknowledges the right to ECL and its organizers the right to amend these rules without prior notice. Disrespecting staff can result in further punishment.

1.2 Code of Conduct

ECL was created to provide players a controlled environment and therefore a better gaming experience. By playing in ECL you accept to follow our no-toxicity policy. Toxic behaviour is not allowed anywhere within ECL, this includes but is not limited to our Discord channels, hub chats, matches and direct messages (DM’s).

By joining our discord, you automatically and irrevocably agree to our policies and rules. In that regard, ECL reserves the right to record any Discord channel on ECL's Discord server at any time for moderation purposes in case of conflict. This policy extends to gaming channels as well as staff channels.

Bad days happen sometimes, however, you are asked to have the best sportsmanship in mind. Every player has to try to win every match. Losing on purpose for any reason is strictly forbidden.

1.3 Language

The official language of the ECL hub is English.

All players should communicate in English when speaking with staff members or other players.

1.4 Support

In case you need support or contact a staff member you have to go on the #support or #legends-support channel on our Discord and tag @support.

Live support is guaranteed:

  • Monday to Thursday from 2pm to 1am (CET)
  • Friday from 2pm to 2am (CET)
  • Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 2am (CET)

All the support cases are handled on Discord.

A tool is at your disposal to report any offense that you have witnessed or suffered. It is your responsibility to bring evidence of the offense.

Cancellation of matches during live support hours

  • Server instability issues

Admins have the ability to cancel a game within the first 5 rounds of the game due to server problems that impact the majority of players.

Individual ping or connection issues do not warrant the cancellation of a match. If it leads to a cancellation, the player will receive a cooldown until the player can prove that he has a stable internet connection again.

  • Leavers

If a player leaves the match within the first 5 rounds, a team may request a cancellation of the match. They must contact an admin on Discord before round 6 begins for a match cancellation to be considered.

The user who left the match will receive a ban. In case of repeated infractions the penalty will increase.

  • Toxicity/Throwing/Griefing

During a match, if a player shows severe toxicity, does an extended amount of team damage, or any offence listed in section 4.0 that can be proven towards an admin before the start of round 6, a match cancellation can be considered.

  • Admin Discretion

A staff member has the ability to cancel a match due to major disruption of the game, or for any other reason at his sole discretion.

1.5 Refunds

Refunds are handled by FACEIT. In order to request a refund please make a ticket here.


2.1 General

ECL is played on a subscriber hub only, it means that you have to buy an ECL subscription on FACEIT to join the competition.

ECL is open to all the FACEIT’s level (1 to 10) and divided into 4 divisions:

  • LEGENDS: level 10 with 3000+ elo
  • Division 1: level 10 limited to 3000 elo
  • Division 2: levels 5 to 9
  • Division 3: levels 1 to 4

Your subscription is available for all the divisions and you will join the division for which you meet the accession requirements.

Leaderboards are separate for each division. If you switch to another division during the season, your points will stay in the leaderboard as they are and you will start at 1000 on the leaderboard of the division you’ve joined.

If a player has an unstable ping for an extended period of time and their in-game movement proves to be an issue to gameplay, we reserve the right to remove them from the queue or hub for the unforeseeable future or until their ping issue is resolved. Players from non-European regions are allowed to play, so long as their ping doesn't violate the above requirements.

2.2 New account policy

New FACEIT/Steam accounts are not allowed to play in ECL. In order to play in ECL, depending on your division, players must meet a minimum requirement of:

  • LEGENDS: 700 games
  • Division 1: 400 games
  • Division 2: 250 games
  • Division 3: 100 games

These games must be played in matches where ELO is enabled.

Being verified for a division does not allow you to play in a higher division if you do not meet the entry requirements for that division.

2.3 Hours policy

In order to play in ECL, depending on your division, players must meet a minimum requirement of:

  • FACEIT level 10 with 3000+ elo: 2500 CS:GO hours
  • FACEIT level 10 limited to 3000 elo: 1800 CS:GO hours
  • FACEIT levels 5 to 9: 1500 CS:GO hours
  • FACEIT levels 1 to 4: 1000 CS:GO hours

The above mentioned hours must represent actual playtime. If a large portion was obviously spent AFK, we reserve the right to still deny you access to ECL despite meeting the requirements.

In case of an investigation related to boosted hours while your Steam profile/playtime is private, ECL reserves the right to temporarily queue ban you until your Steam profile and/or hours are public.

Being verified for a division does not allow you to play in a higher division if you do not meet the entry requirements for that division.

2.4 Smurfing/multiple accounts

Smurfing/multi accounting in ECL is forbidden and when found guilty you will be hub banned permanently.

Players may only have one active FACEIT account and need to deactivate any other accounts they have. Depending on your FACEIT level, your account must meet the required amount of games played on FACEIT and the required amount of hours played in order to be eligible to play on ECL.

During an investigation, ECL reserves the right to temporarily remove you from the queue. Please refer to our hours policy if you are unsure whether your account meets the playing requirements.

ECL reserves the right to sanction and ban players tied to second accounts with VAC bans or game bans that are linked to CSGO.

2.5 Season

One season lasts one month and it is a ladder-based leaderboard. You compete for points by facing the others players from the hub. There are two types of leaderboard:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Your points earned in weekly leaderboards are added on the monthly leaderboard.

2.6 FPL-C Qualifiers spot

Every month, the top 20 players from the LEGENDS division are invited to play the FPL-C Qualifiers.

In order to participate in FPL-C Qualifiers, players need to meet the following requirements:

  • have played a minimum of 10 matches in the month
  • have a minimum of 3000 Elo
  • on the day of the qualifier, the account age has to be at least one year old
  • 1 000 games played on your FACEIT account

If any of these requirements are not met at the end of season/month, you can not participate in the FPL-C Qualifiers.

2.7 Prizes

ECL is responsible for sending physical prizes to the winners, however ECL is not responsible for the customs fees of non-EU countries (Non-exhaustive list: Turkey, Kosovo, etc).

Winners will need to fill in their shipping details to their profile on the ECL website. The prizes and their distribution can be found by watching your division leaderboard.

If you get permanently banned, including the time between the end of the season and the delivery, you will not get your prize and it will be sent to the next player on the leaderboard.

2.8 Streaming

ECL games can be streamed. If you want to stream, consider to use a minimum delay of 30 seconds in order to protect you and your teammates from stream sniping. If a streamer is not using delay and causes issues, ECL reserves the right to remove their ability to queue until they comply.

Stream snipers are those who watch a stream of an opposite player in order to gain an unfair advantage like information about the player’s current location.

If you believe someone is stream sniping please report them and provide as much evidence as possible.

Players convicted of stream sniping will receive a minimum of a seven days queue ban.

2.9 Queue settings

2.8.1 Leaderboard

You start at 1000 points into the weekly and monthly leaderboards. You have to play a game in order to appear on the leaderboard.

Leaderboard abuse is strictly forbidden. Leaderboard abuse means throwing FACEIT matches (free and premium queues, others hubs…) on purpose in order to keep a specific ELO to maintain your leaderboard position.

2.8.2 ELO

ELO is enabled everywhere.

2.8.3 Server hosting

Every game is played on an official FACEIT Server.

2.8.4 Anti-cheat

FACEIT anti-cheat is mandatory.

2.8.5 Captain vote

Two players of the ten are chosen as captains and have to vote for the map and server location. We encourage the captains to listen to their teammates, especially before they make a decision in the name of the team. In some extreme cases of selfish captains we reserve the right to apply cooldowns.

Map pool is the official map pool of Valve. An exception is made for de_cache and special event maps.

In case of a captain being AFK during the voting session, you can call a staff member (during live support hours). We can restart the voting session if 6 players out of ten agree to do it. If the captain is AFK again, we will issue him a queue ban and cancel the game.

2.10 Communication

Users should strictly be using English language within ECL.

Microphones are mandatory. It is required to give all valuable information, relevant to the game, to your teammates. Failing to do so will result in a queue ban. If you don’t use your microphone to communicate you will be removed from the queue until you can prove you have a functioning microphone.

Discord is required for communication in all of our divisions. An automated recorder bot will join your voice channel. The recordings are only accessible by the staff team and won’t be shared with players.

Ongoing games are not eligible for cancellation due to technical issues with Discord.

If technical issues arise the following applies:

  • In-game communication will be used in the event of a Discord service outage while a game is in-progress.
  • Manual matchrooms in Discord will be made available if the AUTO-VOIP Mover is offline. Players are expected to organize themselves into these numbered rooms before their game begins.
  • An admin must be contacted before any rounds have been completed if a player does not have a functioning microphone.

2.11 Automatic Bans (Autobans)

These bans are automatically applied for these reasons:

  • Leaver
  • AFK
  • Did not accept match

You can request to be unbanned on our Discord ( #support or #legends-support text channel) if it wasn’t your fault (AC bug, CS crash, update etc.) and if you provide the staff team with evidence of the issue (screenshot/video from a trusted website).

3. In-Game Settings

3.1 Choice of side

A knife round will be played to determine who will start as Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. The captain of the winner’s team of this knife round will choose the side by typing “!stay” or “!switch” in the game chat.

3.2 Max rounds

The match will be played MR15 (maximum of 30 played rounds) meaning that the first team who win 16 rounds are the winner of the match.

In case of a tie after 30 rounds, an overtime has to be played.

3.3 Overtime

The overtime will be played MR3 (maximum of 6 played rounds) with start money 10.000$.

Teams have to continue to play overtimes until a winner has been found.

3.4 Pause

Pause time is enabled on all divisions. You have to write “!pause” in the game chat to pause and unpause the game.

The pause time is 4 min per team. In case of technical issues, admins have the possibility to pause the game for an extra 5 minutes per team.

3.5 Friendly Fire

Friendly fire is on.

4. Offenses

A tool is at your disposal to report any offense that you have witnessed or suffered. It is your responsibility to bring evidence of the offense.

Sanctions are determined by the ECL staff, at their sole discretion and to the best of their knowledge and judgement, in an adequate, appropriate and proportionate manner.

In case of multiple reports on one player, a temporary ban will be applied to the player with the reason “Under investigation”.

4.1 Toxic behaviour

When found guilty you will receive a queue ban which increases with each infraction. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Shouting at teammates
  • Spamming voice/chat
  • Using racist words
  • Remarks about sex/sexual orientation
  • Remarks about disability
  • Remarks about religion
  • Remarks about nationality
  • Disrespecting staff members
  • Insulting any other player

If a player is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and there is a clear effect on their performance or the experience of other players in the match, the user will be given a minimum of a 24h queue ban.

4.2 Trolling/throwing/griefing

Trolling/throwing/griefing is against our rules and when found guilty you will receive a queue ban. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Not dropping weapons to your team when necessary
  • Not listening to calls and strategy that the team decides upon
  • Ghosting (giving calls to enemy team)
  • Muting members of the team without any valid reason
  • Feeding (running out with intent to get killed)
  • Killing/flashing/blocking/damaging yourself or teammates on purpose
  • Spamming chat/microphone
  • Anything that disrupt the team's ability to play on fair ground with the other team

4.3 Leaving/Dodging matches

Leaving a game is against our rules and when found guilty you will receive a queue ban of at least three days which will increase with each infraction.

If you encounter a leaver in your game, pause the match and contact a staff member via Discord using the #support channel before five rounds have passed. After five rounds have passed you will have to write a report on our website.

Dodging a game on purpose for any reason is not allowed and you will be sanctioned for it.

Repeated infraction of this rule will result in incremented queue bans.

4.4 AFK

In case of player being AFK during the knife round or during the game, you can pause the game and contact a staff member on our Discord (during live support hours) or write a report (outside of live support hours). For said behaviour sanctions are as following:

  • 1st offence: Warning
  • 2nd offence: 6 hours queue ban
  • 3rd offence: 12 hours queue ban
  • 4th offence: 1 day queue ban
  • Starting at the 5th offence, we will issue higher queue bans from 2 days to 1 week

4.5 Cheating

Players caught cheating will be permanently banned and reported to the FACEIT team. Cheating includes, but is not limited to:

  • Aimbots
  • Wallhacks
  • Sound hacks
  • No recoil, no smoke, no flash, etc

4.6 Scripts

All scripts are forbidden except for buy and jump throw. Here is a non-exhaustive list for forbidden scripts:

  • Stop shoot scripts
  • Accuracy scripts or single-bullet fire scripts
  • Turn scripts (180° or similar)
  • No recoil scripts
  • Rate changers (Lag scripts)
  • Anti-flash scripts or binding
  • Bunny hop scripts
  • Stop sound scripts

All third-party software that isn't allowed by the game publisher and that can give an unfair advantage to a player or team are classed as cheating.

Using one of these scripts will lead to a queue ban.

4.7 Climbing

Boosting player models with the help of teammates is allowed in general, but it is forbidden in places where the textures, walls, ceilings, floors become transparent or penetrable.

4.8 Exploits

Exploiting some game bug is forbidden. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Flash bugs
  • Map swimming or floating,
  • Pixel-walking (sitting or standing on invisible map edges)

4.9 Other

In general, the use of bugs is not allowed. If a bug that is not listed is used, an admin will decide if a sanction is necessary.

4.10 Ingame Name/Avatars

In-game names/avatars should not contain any offensive or racist content. This can include Steam, FACEIT & Discord.

Sanctions will vary from a temporary queue ban to a permanent ban depending on the content displayed.